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Sales Promotions

Generate more leads, revenue and yield.

Whether you wish to attract new or reward existing customers, a strategic and engaging sales promotion will provide your business with an effective call to action, brand leverage and point of difference in market.

With RewardsCorp you’re in great company – with over 12 years’ experience in implementing results driven campaigns for global mega brands to local SME’s, we have a passion for success linked with your positive results and revenues.

Our agile approach to the engineering, implementation and delivery of compelling sales promotions are all geared around your specific business objectives and resources.

Create a unique point of difference

Increase turnover & profits

Stimulate sales urgency

Engage & motivate your team

Build brand awareness & customer engagement

Stop discounting

Our expertise can provide you with a fully customised end to end solution or we can flexibly integrate our services with your marketing team and/or ad agency to collaboratively wow your audience.

Best of all, we do it at a low cost to you, with high value and relevance to your customers. This results in your business achieving strong ROI and bottom line gains, whilst achieving increased brand engagement and customer satisfaction – allowing you to remain focussed on your key competencies while we shine at ours.

Our patented model, Holiday Rewards, offers a compelling proposition for both companies and customers. Holiday Rewards represents genuine dollar for dollar contributions towards holidays at Australians’ favourite tourism destinations and complementary travel offers, such as cruises, car rentals and travel insurance.

The Holiday Rewards program can be implemented as an end-to-end sales solution that integrates into all or part of your sales process tailored to your organisation’s specific needs and can be upgraded to include our Lifestyle Benefits program. All RewardsCorp promotions can be fully branded to your corporate requirements to re-enforce your key brand propositions.

“Four extremely successful competitions for Hungry Jacks to stimulate sales throughout Australia”

“Holiday Rewards Vouchers work perfectly as a closing tool”

“Gave us a point of difference to secure new business and is very cost effective”

“This unique point of difference allowed us to close deals quicker”