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Loyalty Campaigns

Engage clients with your brand long term.

Customer loyalty programs have become an integral part of business operations in our customer centric age. It’s not just a nice-to-have, but an absolute necessity as part of an integrated marketing plan when your business objectives include customer retention, customer engagement and enhancing customer experience. And let’s not forget about increasing revenues.

An effective loyalty campaign is the perfect tool to stop or significantly reduce consumer, member or staff churn in your business – additionally strong loyalty programs motivate your customers to upgrade or to purchase additional services from your business.

RewardsCorp’s loyalty campaigns allow you to engage with your customers beyond an initial purchase and to build long-term and profitable relationships. Our focus is on overcoming the challenge of most loyalty programs which always requires striking a balance between offering rewards which are equally desirable and attainable.

The challenge with most programs is that it requires endless points accumulation which result in low end rewards redemption, resulting in no loyal behaviour at all. It’s about more than just dishing out rewards – it’s about offering and connecting emotive, memorable experiences with your brand and holiday rewards are the perfect tool to achieve this.

Best of all, we do it at a low cost to you, with high value, relevance and immediate redemption opportunity to your customers.

Our expertise can provide you with a fully customised end to end solution or we can flexibly integrate our services with your marketing team and/or ad agency to collaboratively wow your audience. This results in your business achieving strong ROI and bottom line gains, whilst achieving increased and ongoing brand engagement and customer loyalty.

“Four extremely successful competitions for Hungry Jacks to stimulate sales throughout Australia”

“Holiday Rewards Vouchers work perfectly as a closing tool”

“Gave us a point of difference to secure new business and is very cost effective”

“This unique point of difference allowed us to close deals quicker”